Disk Space Fan

Disk Space Fan 1.4.4

Find out which files and folders are eating up hard drive space


  • Quick scans
  • Nice colorful chart
  • Interactive, browsable results


  • No advanced functions
  • Doesn't support networked drives or external devices

Very good

How is it possible that the 1TB hard drive you bought a few months ago is already running out of free space? Find the answer with Disk Space Fan!

This simple tool analyzes your hard drive in just a few seconds and then displays its contents in a colorful, interactive pie chart. Clicking the different areas in this chart lets you browse files and folders until you discover which ones are eating all the space.

Disk Space Fan works fine. It does what it says on the tin, takes just a few seconds to scan the whole disk and uses really attractive charts. Disk Space Fan is also very easy to use – in fact it doesn't have any configuration options.

On the downside, Disk Space Fan lacks advanced features that you find in other similar tools, such as exporting the scan results to a file, and analyzing networked devices or external devices.

Disk Space Fan is a visually appealing disk space analyzer that helps you find the largest folders and files on your hard drive.

Disk Space Fan


Disk Space Fan 1.4.4

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